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Commsco will give you a unique and independent view of the mobile connectivity landscape. Offering you the major networks enables you to make the right choice that fits your communication strategy.

Cost Savings

The lowest monthly line rental isn’t always the cheapest solution in the long run. We review how your business uses its mobiles over a period of time to make sure you’ve got the right tariff structure in place so you won’t get caught out by costly additional charges for exceeding your inclusive calls, data and texts.

85% of businesses we review save an average of 25% on their business mobile contracts

Flexible Tech Funds

Tech funds enable your business to effectively control your communications and technology strategy

As part of your communications package you will receive a flexible tech fund. You can use your tech fund for mobile devices including tablets, consultancy or simply take back as cash funds, enabling you to reinvest in different areas of your business.

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